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The Eyes Have It: Uppers are so easy!

An upper eyelid tuck or upper blepharoplasty removes excess upper lid skin getting rid of the hooded look that often develops as we age. It is the easiest of all cosmetic surgeries and can be done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. Recovery is quick with little pain and usually limited bruising. Not only is it easy, it is probably the longest lasting of all cosmetic surgeries, lasting 10 years or more.

Upper eyelid surgery is one of the most affordable. If your upper eyelid skin is severely loose and folding over to the point of obstructing your vision, most health insurances will cover the surgery. The first step is visual field testing. To test your visual field, an optometrist or  ophthalmologist checks how widely you can see normally and then rechecks with your upper eyelids taped up. If there is a greater than 25% improvement in your visual field with taping, you qualify for upper eyelid corrective surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery can also have a huge impact on your look. Removing the excess upper eyelid skin can make you appear rested, alert, bright eyed, and, of course, younger. People hesitant to try plastic surgery frequently find upper blepharoplasty the best first step.