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Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Bikini season’s just around the corner and you’re tired of waxing.  Or are you fed up with electrolysis on your upper lip? Guys, sick of that sweater-like carpet of hair on your back? Don’t you wish there was a better way?

Some people are afraid to look into laser hair removal because they’ve heard it’s too expensive or doesn’t work. Neither is true.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair. It delivers energy to brown or black hair which damages the follicle to stop it from growing hair. The darker the hair, and the lighter the skin, the better the results. Be sure not to have a tan for the treatments, because the energy will be absorbed by the skin instead of the hair.

The laser only works on growing hair, and you should know that only about 20% of your hair is growing at any time. So, there will by multiple treatments, usually 5-6. Each treatment is easier than electrolysis because a much larger area is treated per pulse. It’s over in minutes.

Even though you can still grow new hair in different spots, the hair that was there is permanently reduced. For bikini area or underarms, most people will not need to shave that area again, or if they do, infrequently.

Prices range from 150.00 a treatment and can be done every two weeks. Start now and you’ll be done by July, just in time for the Berkshire summer.