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Safety in Plastic Surgery 2 – the right place

Safety in Plastic Surgery 2- the right place

Where you have cosmetic surgery is just as important as the surgeon you choose to do the job.  A great surgeon can do nothing without the right environment and support staff. That’s why the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( demands that all member plastic surgeons perform their surgeries in accredited facilities. So what makes a facility accredited?

The American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities ( is one of three national organizations that accredit and monitor the safety and performance of ambulatory surgical facilities.   The other two are The Joint Commission ( and the AAAHC ( These organizations conduct on-site visits and give Medicare designation, which means that the facility conforms to the highest federal standards.

So what are these standards? Patient safety, privacy, and service are paramount. Health care worker safety, training, and performance are also closely followed. The environment is evaluated to ensure adequate lighting, air quality, temperature, cleanliness and space. Instrument sterility, maintenance and integrity are measured. Every patient complaint, poor outcome and dissatisfaction must be addressed, and a plan formulated to avoid such occurrences. The facility must also work to prevent problems from arising, conducting studies and training to avoid complications and improve patient experiences. Even the economic viability and governance are reviewed to prevent influences on patient care. On-site full inspections are usually performed every three years, and briefer reviews are conducted yearly.

Do these measures work? Yes they do. AAAASF facilities, for example, are safer than many hospitals, with fewer deaths, infections and other serious complications. A board certified plastic surgeon operating in an accredited facility–like the Berkshire Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Center–is the safest and most predictable way to have cosmetic surgery. Don’t settle for less. Your life could depend on it.