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Permanent Makeup? Try Micropigmentation and Refresh and Restore Fading Features

Micropigmentation, also known as permanent cosmetics, is a technique used to restore and balance facial features which can naturally fade with age.  Eyebrows often become sparse (particularly on the ends), lips may lose some of their color, and eyelashes can become thin, leaving our eyes with less definition. Often, a single office visit is all that may be needed to produce a natural effect that contributes to a youthful facial dynamic.

Micropigmentation deposits colored pigments just beneath the skin’s surface into the dermal layer using tiny needles not attached to a power source or machine. When the instrument is used in the eyebrow area, for example, it is possible to imitate hairs. Unlike tattooing, which goes deeper and can produce a permanent harsh or artificial effect, micropigmentation can be very subtle and natural looking. Though quite long lasting, Micropigmentation  can fade over time and may need periodic refreshing.  Micropigmentation  will enhance your natural features while still allowing you to wear different colors and shades of “conventional” makeup for individualized looks if you so choose.  

In addition to facial treatments, advanced practitioners in Micropigmentation may also provide corrective procedures such as services for those with hair loss/alopecia and a variety of paramedical procedures including scar revisions, color modification for skin grafts, as well as areola color restoration after breast reconstructive surgery. 

There are important factors to consider with Micropigmentation. As is true of any cosmetic procedure, it is an art and a science. Choosing a licensed medical practitioner who adheres to strict OSHA guidelines and possesses strong artistic skills is pivotal. Your practitioner should also have plenty of pictures of their actual work for you to view. These components help to ensure a wonderful experience in making your appearance look the most natural and beautiful. You can learn more about the advantages and benefits of Micropigmentation at Advanced Image Artistry, Inc. @


Laurie Ke, RN,BSN

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