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No Drain Abdominoplasty, The Newest Thing In Tummy Tucks

Abdominoplasty surgery continues to improve. We started to do outpatient tummy tucks in 1999. Then we pioneered rib blocks to control postoperative pain in 2004. Now we have begun performing abdominoplasties without drains additionally improving the postoperative experience. How can we do this and what does it mean for the patient?

The purpose of the drain in an abdominoplasty was to evacuate the fluid the body created in the empty space between the muscle fascia and the skin/fat flap that resulted from the operation. It was important to remove this fluid so the skin and fat would reattach to the muscle. Now, by using a new suture technique, we can easily and efficiently close this space prior to closing the skin, thereby eliminating the need for drains. No space, no fluid build up.

No drains means less discomfort for the patient, less mess, and less fuss. Recuperation is that much quicker and easier.