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Intense Pulsed Light Can Remove Brown and Red Spots

Upper pictures before, lower pictures after a series of IPl treatments and 1 VI peel.

It’s funny to think that the red and brown discolorations caused by the sun can be removed by a different kind of light, but it’s true. Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is a common procedure done to improve the effects of aging that sun exposure is responsible for. Often called a “photofacial”, IPL is performed by a trained aesthetician, or medical provider, in a medi-spa or medical office setting. No anesthesia is necessary and the treatment lasts 20minutes.

There can be transient flushing and darkening of brown spots that resolves quickly. IPL is a not quite a laser, it is only the flash lamp portion which produces a broad spectrum of light with filters to eliminate UV light. This broad spectrum of light is absorbed by dilated blood vessels, brown age spots and redness that can be seen in conditions like sun damaged skin and rosacea.  Without the power of an actual laser, IPL does not peel off the skin so there is no significant down time. With less energy than a laser, usually two to four treatments are needed for optimal results.

One Treatment: $325.00

A treatment package of four: $975.00