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Breast Reconstruction 1: Reconstruction After lumpectomy

Breast conservation is the goal of lumpectomy surgery for breast cancer. It is a good choice for large breasted women with relatively small cancers. But in even the best cases, significant residual deformities can occur.   Sometimes the problem is caused by the surgery,  sometimes by the radiation usually necessary after lumpectomy.

We can improve the appearance of a partial mastectomy defect. Plastic surgeons can be involved during the initial cancer surgery to prevent a problem, or after the surgery to correct one.  Using breast reduction techniques to reshape the lumpectomy side is called Oncoplastic Surgery.  It is combined with a standard reduction on the other side for symmetry.

Oncoplastic techniques are only appropriate for large breasts.  For smaller breasts,  several other methods can be used to improve outcomes. Tissue flaps from the flanks, back or abdomen can be moved to fill in hollows or provide new skin. Fat transfers, using fat obtained by liposuction from another part of the body, can be injected into the breast to replace lost tissue.

If you are unhappy about the look of your lumpectomy or if you want to prevent a problem, consider contacting a plastic surgeon.  We can help.