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Tattoo Removal Made Easy

By January 24, 2013March 6th, 2013No Comments

Tattoo in Haste, Repent at Leisure:  Not so True Anymore

Tattoo art gets more popular every day.  So does the use of lasers and other technology to remove or lighten the ink.

People decide to remove tattoos for many reasons. Perhaps the most common is “tattoo regret.”  A lifestyle change, a new job or a change of partner can all play a part in wanting once-loved tattoos to disappear.  Sometimes tattoos are removed just to erase the canvas and start over.

In the past, tattoo removal has been a rocky road.  Techniques, including surgery, dermabrasion and laser treatments, were uncomfortable at best and often not very effective. But there is good news: With the newest lasers, and using local anesthesia, most colors can now be removed easily and painlessly.

Q-switched lasers target specific colors and break up the ink into smaller pieces than before. Then the body’s white blood cells engulf the pigment and carry it away. The main drawback is the time it takes for the body to clear the pigment, which can mean a wait of about 8 weeks between treatments.  New treatment protocols using a stacked set of pulses have significantly decreased the total number of treatments needed.

Treatments start at $50.00.  Come in for consultation so we can estimate how many treatments you will need. You’ll be surprised how easy tattoo removal has become.

Picture1 Picture2                                                                                                                             After 7 Treatments